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Product Description:

The Cuisinart®Deluxe Stainless-Steel Can Opener SCO-60 is sleek and sophisticated looking with a brushed finish and gleaming accents. The unit stands 9.5 inches tall with a 4.5-inch-wide base that tapers up top. The elegant lever is stylish in polished stainless steel with a curved adjustable magnet that affixes itself to any size can.

The can opener base weighs in at nearly 4 pounds for superior balance. The unit can handle cans up to 7 inches tall and is virtually impossible to tip. Another nice feature is the hands-free operation. Once the can is positioned on the opener, you simply press the lever and the machine does the rest.

The gear lever rotates the can, while the Power Cut blade pierces and removes the lid. When a full rotation is complete, the unit stops automatically, with the can remaining stationary. Lift the lever while holding the can to release. The cutting blade arm is also removable for easy cleanup. The smooth base wipes clean easily with a damp cloth.

Shipping Dimensions:
     Imperial: 6.000" x 5.750" x 10.750" - 4.400 lbs
     Metric: 6cm x 5.75cm x 27.31cm - 2 kg

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