301 Series V Speaker System

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Product Description:

These are the best bookshelf speakers from Bose®. With a sleek new design that combines form with function. High-sensitivity Stereo Targeting® and Direct/Reflecting® tweeters, firing out the front and back of the cabinet, deliver Bose Stereo Everywhere® speaker performance with an extremely wide soundstage. They provide lifelike, spacious sound for music, movies or TV. The 8\" long-excursion woofer and unique port geometry produce deep, clear bass. Compatible with receivers or amplifiers rated from 10 to 150 watts per channel.

Shipping Dimensions:
     Imperial: 9.750" x 14.250" x 9.750" - 12.500 lbs
     Metric: 9.75cm x 14.25cm x 24.77cm - 5.68 kg

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