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Product Description:

The most popular outdoor speakers from Bose now offer a new level of music enjoyment in the \"outdoor room\" of your home. The Bose® 151® SE environmental speaker system features Stereo Everywhere® speaker performance. This lifelike sound quality, available only from Bose, disperses balanced stereo sound over a wide listening area - instead of in a small \"sweet spot\" - to better complement the way we listen outdoors. Working around the yard or in the midst of a party, people are on the move outdoors...from one corner of the deck to the other, around the patio or garden, in the yard or pool.

Bose 151 SE speakers are engineered to maintain consistent stereo performance as people move from place to place. Smaller, contoured styling blends in effectively with eaves, clapboards, decks and roofs for placement either vertically or horizontally. Slot-port tuning provides deep low-note performance that remains clean, even at high volumes.

The 151 SE speakers are built to withstand severe weather from frigid cold to searing heat - temperatures as extreme as -40º F (-40º C) to 158º F (70º C) plus salt fog, sun, high humidity, rain and snow.They are backed by a comprehensive five-year warranty. For clear, far-reaching stereo sound outdoors from speakers that blend into their surroundings and are built to last, experience the new 151 SE environmental speakers from Bose, the most respected name in sound.

Shipping Dimensions:
     Imperial: 6.000" x 12.500" x 4.500" - 4.600 lbs
     Metric: 6cm x 12.5cm x 11.43cm - 2.09 kg

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